Bella Noble
EL CAJON BENEFIT CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT: The outpouring of love for the Noble family continues with a benefit concert at the Downtown El Cajon Promenade on Saturday, March 15 from 11am-5pm! Join Lightning Train, The PettyBreakers, Eve Selis, and Caliber to sing, dance, celebrate and honor the life of Bella Noble.
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Who is Bella, and why is there a benefit concert?
Bella Noble is a beautiful 5-year-old girl that now graces Heaven after a tragic accident on October 17, 2013. A circle of love from the community, peers, family, and friends is helping the Noble family cope with the emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, in addition to emotional aspect of the tragic loss of a child, the Noble family must now also deal with the extraordinary expenses associated with the accident - hospital, life flight, funeral and much more. The community has stepped up to show their support by putting on a benefit concert in Bella's name - the Bella Benefit.

Bella and her brother William attended many musical events with their mom Sheri and their dad Bill, who has provided sound engineering services for many of the county's top musicians. Many of the musicians have recounted about how much Bella loves to sing and dance at their events, so a concert is a very fitting way to pay respects to her! (In fact, the last time I saw Bella, she was dancing with her dad at my wedding - I'll never forget that image.) It would mean the world to Bella to see everyone at the concert dancing - as she'll be dancing alongside us all in spirit. More details about the concert, including the lineup, can be found on the benefit concert page.

Thank you for your love and support for the Noble family!

"Just hug your kids. Love them. Make time for them. Do everything they ask you, even if you have to dress up funny, because you never know when they're not going to be here anymore." - William Noble, Bella's father.

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