Bella Noble
Bella loves to sing and dance - so we're having a concert!!!
Wondering who Bella is and why we're having a concert? Read more on the home page.
Date:Saturday, March 15, 11am to 5pm
Location:Downtown El Cajon Prescott Promenade at 201 Main Street (Map)
Who:All ages, family event
Entertainment:  Our knockout lineup of bands/guests includes Caliber, The PettyBreakers, Lightning Train, and Eve Selis !
Thank you to the wonderful musicians donating their time and talent to this event:
Caliber      Lightning Train
The PettyBreakers      Eve Selis

"Just hug your kids. Love them. Make time for them. Do everything they ask you, even if you have to dress up funny, because you never know when they're not going to be here anymore." - William Noble, Bella's father.

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